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Let’s Celebrate Manufacturing!

October is Ohio Manufacturing Month

Ten years ago pundits were saying that manufacturing was dead in America, and that we don’t need manufacturing jobs.  They were wrong then, and are even more wrong today.  That’s great news for Appalachian Ohio.

Why do we need manufacturing? Manufacturing is one of three or four industries that economists say create all the world’s wealth.  The others are agriculture (including forestry), extraction (mining and drilling) provided you minimize environmental damage, and possibly some cutting edge IT work.  All other industries just move around the wealth these industries create.   Since you only have so much land and minerals and high-end IT is hard to do in rural areas, most rural areas must focus on manufacturing to build their economies.

Isn’t manufacturing declining in America?  Not at all.  We certainly did export a lot of our manufacturing jobs in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but by 2000 we…

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