Appalachian Partnership Inc. (API) has created and continues to support a number of affiliated organizations and programs that promote the prosperity of Appalachian Ohio by building the private sector business economy. Some are organized as subsidiaries, and some operated directly by API. All work together to gain synergies that allow them to accomplish more together than they could do alone. Current affiliates include:

Appalachian Partnership Inc APEG Economic Development

(Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth, LLC) – is a wholly owned subsidiary of API formed in 2011 to serve as the JobsOhio partner for Appalachian Ohio.

Appalachian Partnership Inc Appalachian Growth Capital Logo

(AGC) – is a wholly owned subsidiary of API formed in 2017 as a Community Development Financial Institution addressing gaps in the availability of affordable credit to support the growth of the region’s small and mid-sized businesses.

Appalachian Partnership Inc Ohio Wood Products

Ohio Wood Products is a forest products cluster initiative dedicated to improving the economic contribution of the region’s hardwood forests to the local economy. It is operated directly by API.