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Appalachian Partnership Inc. CEO, and former APEG President, John Molinaro has been developing rural economies for three decades. He also knows the policy side having come to APEG and API from the Aspen Institute in Washington D.C. and through service on national rural development boards. He is shaping the Rare Mix of Assets offered by Ohio’s 32 Appalachian-designated counties into the region’s first-ever economic development entity.

Dr. Glenda Bumgarner Named as New President & CEO of Appalachian Partnership, Inc.

The Appalachian Partnership, Inc. (API) today announced Dr. Glenda Bumgarner as its new President and CEO. Bumgarner currently serves as JobsOhio’s Senior Director of Engagement and joins the API team effective Aug. 31. She replaces John Molinaro, who is retiring and has served as API’s president and CEO since 2012. A formal search for Molinaro’s replacement, led by HRS Executive Search Consultants, has been underway for several months; Bumgarner was the early and clear choice.

AEP's bid for Ohio's largest solar farm could be 'landmark case' for state's energy industry

Business, construction and development leaders across Appalachia are rallying in support of AEP's plan to build the largest solar farm in Ohio history. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio held its first public hearing this week on AEP Ohio's plan to build two solar farms in Highland County: the 300-megawatt Highland Solar Farm, and the 100-megawatt Willowbrook Solar Farm. If completed, the Highland Solar Farm be the state's largest.

Firmly Rooted Event Held in Athens, Part of America's Rural Opportunity Series

Southeast Ohio's local food system was praised as one of the best in the country at an event at Ohio University last Thursday sponsored by The Aspen Institute and moderated by New York Times columnist David Brooks. The event was the 8thin a series on America's Rural Opportunity (ARO) organized by Aspen's Rural Development Innovation Group and the first ARO event held outside of Washington DC. More than 350 people preregistered for the event and its live webcast, including about 100 people who attended in person.

Economic Development in Uncertain Times

National and global events can have a profound effect on local and regional economic development. The number one factor companies look for before committing to a major investment is predictability of their operating environment. Their bankers, owners and investors want to be certain their investment will pay off.

Playing the Long Game

Every once in a while you will hear a country, a politician or a company described as ''playing the long game.'' Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as ''active participation in achieving goals which may take some time.'' Other sources add that those playing the long-game may pass over short- or medium-term gains in order to reach larger and more beneficial long-term goals.

21st Century Buffalo Hunting

Many economic developers describe the art of attracting large domestic and foreign companies as ''buffalo hunting.'' Some praise the practice saying that bagging the big, migratory beast fills a lot of stewpots and benefits the whole tribe. Others criticize economic development as being too focused on buffalo, rather than on local firms – the rabbits, squirrels and deer that fill most of our stewpots every day.

Why Wood?

It may seem odd that APEG is putting so much effort into our wood products industry. In a world where technologies are introduced daily and whole new industries gear up to produce them, why focus so much attention on wood? After all, people have been making things with wood since we lived in caves!

Molinaro Shapes Rural Agenda

In late March, a small group of national and international rural policy leaders met in Washington to discuss what is working best in America to build rural economies. The participants represented agencies charged with rural development including some from beyond U.S. borders. Of the 15 participants, only John Molinaro, president and CEO of APEG, currently works in a rural region.